Verón on the move?

Juan Sebastian Verón announced today in an interview that he has had contact with both River Plate and San Lorenzo to join them after the Clausura tournament.

Great news for either side, as they are both inconsistent this season. River Plate is definitely playing much better than last season and getting Verón in, together with Ortega, who will also return from loan at that time and Gallardo, who returned this season will mean there will be a surplus of creative talent at the club. Let’s hope they can hang on to some of their good forwards (specifically Radamel Falcao).

River have been after him for years (despite his time at Boca), I have to believe they’ll make a big push now to try to sign him. Whether it actually happens, that’s another story. San Lorenzo definitely has a shot, and probably needs him more.

Also makes me wonder: with Gallardo, Ortega and Verón, are the enough balls to go around? Diego Buonanotte will get completely lost in that mix, and that would be a shame.

Very bad news for Estudiantes, though I don’t expect them to still be in contention for the Copa Libertadores at that point. Verón has apparently become so frustrated with internal politics that he is going back on his promise of staying with the club he grew up with for the rest of his career. Ultimately, he’s goal is to reach the 2010 World Cup with some regular playing time for a top side.

Teams dream of star players who care so much for the club that they are willing to take pay cuts to stay, and they’re basically pushing him out the door.



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