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Transfers 09: Kaká is the sun of the new Madrid galaxy

Nice to see some transfer deals being completed quickly for a change. Say what you like about player movement destroying the game, but what really kills me is how some of these transfers tend to drag on forever. That could still happen with Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tévez.

Anyway, back to Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite “Kaká”. Real Madrid see him as the second coming of Zinedine Zidane, especially since they’ve broken the record they set in purchasing Zidane back in 2001 BR (Before the Recession). Total cost of, very arguably, the world’s best playmaker? 68 million euros (or US$94.05m, or £58.9m, oh screw it)

I’m sure that the airwaves will now be full of pundits arguing whether the Brazilian is worth that kind of money. In footballing terms, he isn’t. Nobody is. In marketing terms perhaps he might be, but Kaká is not the kind of guy who puts himself out there a lot, and has never been a big participant in media promotion of any team. Let’s face it, he might be the quietest Brazilian footballer of his generation.

It’s hard to look at that price tag and not think which other players you could get with it. I know that’s not how Florentino Pérez at Real Madrid thinks. He just wants the best players at any costs. But let’s face it, it didn’t work that well the first time around with Zidane et al and most of us expect limited success this time around as well.

For 68 million euros (258.5 million Samoan tala), you could probably get Wigan’s Antonio Valencia, Liverpool’s Xabi Alonso and Valencia’s Raúl Albiol. All three of them may end up at Madrid anyway, but they would do a lot more to help the Merengue’s to league and cup success than a single Kaká.

So what will Real Madrid look like next season? I still expect they’ll purchase at least three of the following: David Villa, David Silva, Xabi Alonso, Franck Ribery and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Let’s see if they remember to buy a defender or two as well. Last time I checked Barcelona was perfectly happy to beat you 6-5 if necessary.


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