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A bear market for transfers

The transfer activity by Real Madrid and Manchester City has created the false impression that the transfer market has been quite active. Actually, the opposite may be true.

When Alex Ferguson announced last week that Manchester United were done dealing for the off-season, the common reply from most press seemed to be “Really? Can’t you try a bit more, for us?”. Lord Ferg duly obliged by making another purchase (Senegal’s Mame Biram Diouf, previously of Molde FK in Norway)l and and again declaring that dealings were over.

Ridiculous assertions aside, the mid-table and low-table sides of the Premier League, along with teams all over Europe and Latin America have seen transfer dealings at their lowest ebb in a long time. Teams are plugging holes, and in some cases, not even doing that. But big transfers aside from the Real/Man City are few and far between.

Personally, I’m hoping that Sulaiman “Fit and Proper” Al-Fahim will bring a bit of excitement over in Portsmouth now that he’s been installed as owner/director there. Good job keeping Paul Hart on as manager there, but his first trasnfer dealing probably should be to toss some money in the direction of Peter Crouch, who seems to be so desperate to jump the ship that he’s actually looking wistfully at Sunderland.

My biggest concern, as usual, is for my own club, River Plate of Argentina. After a disappointing 7th place finish (which was, nevertheless, much less disappointing than the previous tournament’s last place), the team looks to have lost top striker Radamel Falcao García (to Porto), starting right back Paulo Ferrari (to Panathinaikos), defender/emergency striker Paco Gerlo (to nowhere in particular) and has not succeeded in bringing in a single player aside from Ariel Ortega, who returns from a loan deal.

It’s such a strange time for a fan, when your team cannot seem to bring in reinforcements. It leaves you feeling cold and unwanted and looking forward to what can only be a worse season than the one past. It’s a feeling I have rarely felt, as River has always been one of the most well-funded and active clubs in the Americas.

Hopefully this will change before the new season rolls around. I’m particularly hopeful that the team can bring in at least another forward and a good defender or two.  In the meantime, I’ll be perusing the transfer news on the same daily basis, hoping that it grows a bit heavier than the 1 or 2 entries it currently provides.


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