Argentina · Managers · South America · World Cup 2010

The List

Instead of ranting (again) about Diego’s team selections. I thought I’d just put forward my view of what I would’ve wanted to see in South Africa.

This is my personal list of a 23-man squad for Argentina in the 2010 World Cup.

Tactics: 4-3-3 formation, with two fullbacks and three central midfielders. Two ball winners and one who projects forward more often. Two forwards on the wings with freedom to move inside and a striker who is more area-tied.

Goalkeeper: Does it matter? Anyone from Romero, Andújar or Pozo will do. Give it to Romero just for consistency’s sake

Defenders: Starters – Samuel, Demichelis in the middle is fine with me. Zanetti and Zabaleta on the wings would be better. Add Burdisso and Gaby Milito to the squad. Wait for Marcos Angeleri to get fit, since he can play any position at the back and adds some speed.

Midfielders: Starters – Mascherano, Cambiasso, Banega, three central midfielders. Two who are very good at closing down the opposition to allow the fullbacks to get forward. Backups: Bolatti, Verón, Lucho González

Forwards: Tevez and Messi on the left and right. Higuaín at striker. Backups are Di María (more a winger than a traditional midfielder, so he fits on the left). Sergio Aguero and Diego Milito.

And the final pick for the 23rd player: Pablo Aimar who has has a good season for Benfica and could add a different dimension in midfield, in case you want to shift to 3-4-3 or, more likely, 4-4-2 with a traditional enganche.

Yeah, what do I know? Nothing really, I’m just a fan. But if you had a chance, which would you pick? Mine or Maradona’s?


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