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A little history lesson for Diego

Since we’re on the topic of footballl criticism in Argentina (otherwise known as “sucking it”), let’s review a few criticisms, and, just for fun, I’m going to remove the names.

Argentina · Managers · South America · World Cup 2010

Argentina: In

If you see Argentines celebrating today, it’s more from relief than elation. This should’ve happened already. It really shouldn’t have been this hard. And if you’re looking for a culprit for the late qualification, look no further from the man at the top. Diego was a Rolls-Royce of a player, but he’s a beat-up, rusted-out AMC Pacer of a football coach.

Argentina · Managers · South America · World Cup 2010

Messi, Mascherano, Jonás .. and 8 more

Fresh from Argentina’s 3-2 friendly victory over Russia in Moscow, Diego Maradona confirmed a third member in what he considers his untouchables, players who are destined to start in the World Cup (should Argentina make it, which is looking increasingly less sure). Was it one of the players who impressed in the match? Nope, it’s a winger from Newcastle United.

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Transfers 09: How Ronaldo’s exit can work for Manchester United

Now that the unthinkable (but extremely predictable) transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid ise set to go through at the end of June, much is being made of Manchester United’s losses. With Carlos Tévez set to leave as well, it seems United will be lacking two of their major attacking players next season. That, coupled with the Champions League final loss to Barcelona, appears to herald an era of decline for possibly the world’s biggest club. But it may not be true.