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The Situation (with the FIFA World Cup)

My personal preferences to host the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups were England and Australia; England for its history, contributions to the game and football atmosphere, and Australia for its proximity to my residence of New Zealand. Developments this week, whether its BBC Panorama reports or the “McKinsey Report”, have changed my mind. Though… Continue reading The Situation (with the FIFA World Cup)

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FIFA WC Qualifiers: Brazil is back, Asia’s nearly done and wins that don’t impress

A brief round-up of the weekend’s World Cup qualifiers as the journey on the road to South Africa continues. This weekend saw several teams clinch a spot in the finals. In Asia, Australia, Japan and South Korea are all set for a return engagement in the World Cup; while Netherlands become the first Europeans to clinch a place (with England close behind); and the South American picture gets a bit clearer with wins from Brazil and Argentina.