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Argentina: In

If you see Argentines celebrating today, it’s more from relief than elation. This should’ve happened already. It really shouldn’t have been this hard. And if you’re looking for a culprit for the late qualification, look no further from the man at the top. Diego was a Rolls-Royce of a player, but he’s a beat-up, rusted-out AMC Pacer of a football coach.

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FIFA WC Qualifiers: Brazil is back, Asia’s nearly done and wins that don’t impress

A brief round-up of the weekend’s World Cup qualifiers as the journey on the road to South Africa continues. This weekend saw several teams clinch a spot in the finals. In Asia, Australia, Japan and South Korea are all set for a return engagement in the World Cup; while Netherlands become the first Europeans to clinch a place (with England close behind); and the South American picture gets a bit clearer with wins from Brazil and Argentina.